This is library to generate a simple invoices. Currently supported formats are PDF and XML for Pohoda accounting system. PDF invoice is based on ReportLab.


Run this command as root:

pip install InvoiceGenerator

If you want upgrade to new version, add --upgrade flag:

pip install InvoiceGenerator --upgrade

You can use from GitHub repository too:

python install


Complete documentation is available on Read The Docs.


Basic API

Define invoice data first:

import os

from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile

from InvoiceGenerator.api import Invoice, Item, Client, Provider, Creator

# choose english as language
os.environ["INVOICE_LANG"] = "en"

client = Client('Client company')
provider = Provider('My company', bank_account='2600420569', bank_code='2010')
creator = Creator('John Doe')

invoice = Invoice(client, provider, creator)
invoice.currency_locale = 'en_US.UTF-8'
invoice.add_item(Item(32, 600, description="Item 1"))
invoice.add_item(Item(60, 50, description="Item 2", tax=21))
invoice.add_item(Item(50, 60, description="Item 3", tax=0))
invoice.add_item(Item(5, 600, description="Item 4", tax=15))

Note: Due to Python’s representational error, write numbers as integer tax=10, Decimal tax=Decimal('10.1') or string tax='1.2' to avoid getting results with lot of decimal places.


Generate PDF invoice file:

from InvoiceGenerator.pdf import SimpleInvoice

pdf = SimpleInvoice(invoice)
pdf.gen("invoice.pdf", generate_qr_code=True)

Pohoda XML

Generate XML invoice file:

from InvoiceGenerator.pohoda import SimpleInvoice

pdf = SimpleInvoice(invoice)

Note: Pohoda uses three tax rates: none: 0%, low: 15%, high: 21%. If any item doesn’t meet those percentage, the rateVat parameter will not be set for those items resulting in 0% tax rate.

Only SimpleInvoice is currently supported for Pohoda XML format.


Fork the repository on github and write code. Make sure to add tests covering your code under /tests/. You can run tests using:

python test

Then propose your patch via a pull request.

Documentation is generated from doc/source/ using Sphinx:

python build_sphinx

Then head to doc/build/html/index.html.

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